Ilya 和 Daria 是我遇到过的最好的钢琴老师之一,他们出自以完美技术和严苛基本功著称的-俄罗斯柴可夫斯基音乐学院,又系统的接受了欧美最好的钢琴教育,师从最优秀的钢琴大家,因此在现场聆听了他们的音乐会后,试了几节课,儿子便决定放弃掉跟随一位美国名师学习的机会,同时婉拒了原来所在音乐学校的丰厚奖学金挽留,成为他们音乐studio的一名新学员。现在八个多月过去了,我们越来越坚定的认为当初的选择是正确的,孩子基本功的提升迅速而扎实,指尖流出的音乐也日渐饱满,丰富,多彩。在最近的一些赛事中也展现出和以前的巨大不同及裁判的认可,但我相信这仅仅才是刚开始,两位老师的全力倾注,扎实和系统的方法与步骤,易懂且直接的授课风格,以及与琴童父母间随时高效的沟通,相信能有幸跟随他们学习的学员们的提升会更快更高。- Xinliang Liu


Since 2014 our students have achieved over 100 major prizes in various local, National and prestigious International Competitions.


Advanced program fellows

Zhixin Born in October 2000

Studied at Fedorova&Takser Piano Studio: April 30th, 2018 - May 2nd, 2019

Major achievements:

Admitted to the Manhatten School of Music (Bachelors in Piano) in 2019

1st Prize winner (in 2 out of 2 groups) - Kiwanis Music Festival, Vancouver, Canada, April 2019


Zhixin began his music journeys by the age of 10 in China. When he was 16 he moved to Vancouver to finish the High School and later joined the Fedorova & Takser Piano Studio. As his dream was to become a professional musician, the top goals were set. In April 2019, after just one year of intense professional studies under the guidance of his teacher Mr. Takser Zhixin was successfully admitted with scholarships to many top music institutions of USA and Canada, including Manhatten School of Music, Oberlin Conservatory, McGill University, Columbus University, Conservatoire de Music de Montreal. 

Talented and intelligent musician Zhixin will begin his studying as the new Bachelor freshmen at one of the top music schools in New York - the Manhatten School of Music in August 2019.


Eric Born in December 2007

Studied at Fedorova&Takser Piano Studio: August 2014 - June 18th, 2017

Major achievements:

 1st Prize winner - National Canadian Music Competition, July 2016

Various prizes at Kiwanis Music Festival and Richmond Music Festival, 2015-2017


Eric was born in China. At his very young age the whole family moved to Canada. In 2014, at age of 6 Eric was fortunate to meet with his teacher Russian Canadian pianist Daria Fedorova. During three years of this collaboration Eric has won numerous awards at a various festivals and competitions in Canada, including a first places in both Richmond Music Festival’s and Kiwanis Music Festival, and a First Prize at the National Canadian Music Competition in 2016 (CMC), successfully passing through 3 rounds, left behind in a Final Round 13 strongest participants from all over the Canada.


Eric adores music, he is leading an active concert life and enjoys sharing his art with the audience. Meanwhile, he attends art galleries, loves to read about Ancient Egyptian Art and spend some time with his friends. 



Ericsson Born in September 2007

Studied at Fedorova&Takser Piano Studio: July 1st, 2016 - April 8th, 2018

Major achievements:

 1st Prize winner - Crescendo International Competition, Vancouver, Canada, October 2016

1st Prize winner - Kaufman International Youth Piano Competition, New York, USA, June 2017

3rd Prize winner - 11th International Competition of Young Pianists "A Step Towards Mastery" in St. Petersburg, Russia, June 2017

Completed video projects  


Tatiana Ioudenitch, Antonio Pompa-Baldi, Ewa Pobłocka among others

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Ericsson is a Chinese-Canadian pianist. He began his music education in 2013 at the age of 6. Being very interested in the music theory and history, in 2015 Ericsson successfully achieved the ABRSM Grade 5 theory exam.

Since Ericsson joined class of the Russian Canadian pianist Ilya Takser (Fedorova&Takser Piano Studio, Vancouver, BC) in summer 2016, he has shown a significant progress in piano performance. Only after a few months of collaboration with his new piano mentor he won 1st prize in 9 years old category at the Crescendo International Piano Competition and had been invited to perform at the Carnegie Hall, New York.

In 2017, Ericsson won Third Prize at the 11th International Competition of Young Pianists "A Step Towards Mastery" in St. Petersburg, Russia. In the Grand Final he performed Bach's F minor Keyboard Concerto with the St. Petersburg Symphony Orchestra.

Ericsson Lin is a First Prize Winner of the 2017 Kaufman International Youth Piano Competition, New York, USA.

Ericsson loves to attend classical music recitals and ballet. Every evening he is listening to his favorite pianists such as Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli, Krystian Zimerman, Vladimir Ashkenazy among many others. Another Ericsson’s passion is a reading fiction and nonfiction books. 

Music is an essential part of Ericsson’s life; however, he enjoys spending his time with friends playing soccer, skiing and discussing relevant news in a field of nuclear physics.


Elise Born in January 2009

Studied at Fedorova&Takser Piano Studio: July 15th, 2016 - April 8th, 2018

started to learn piano at age of 7 in August 2016

Achieved level 5 RCM within less than 16 months. 

Does YouTube Project RCM Grade 5 pieces as a great example of performing examination pieces.

Elise is Chinese Canadian young pianist. Starting from the very beginning, successfully achieved RCM grade 5 in piano program and theory within 1.5 year. Now she participates in a very exiting video project which was aimed to provide all piano learners with high standard performances of RCM level five repertoire. Elise has already recorded 7 pieces out of 10, and planning to complete this challenge in upcoming May. 


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Brayden Born in January 2004

Studied at Fedorova&Takser Piano Studio: September 1st, 2018 - current

Born in Auckland, New Zealand in July of 2004, BoKun (Brayden) Liu has been studying piano since he was five. After moving to Vancouver in 2010 Bo Kun was admitted to the Vancouver School of Music (VSO) where he had studied with Keiko Alexander and Lay Tuan Tan. In September of 2018, Bo Kun was fortunate to be accepted by two renown Russian-Canadian pianists Ilya Takser and Daria Fedorova to continue his studying at the Fedorova&Takser Piano Studio in Vancouver.

When Bo Kun turned 11 years old he had his debut in the Carnegie Hall (New York). Since that time he became a winner of various Music Festivals and Competitions, including Crescendo International Competition, "Little Mozart" Competition, BC Conservatory Music Festival, and others. He was also a finalist of the VSO Future of Excellence Competition and Canada Steinway Competition (highest division - Vancouver). 

In 2019, he has won several first prizes in the ARCT division of Vancouver Kiwanis Music Competition, and he has just been awarded two first prizes in the BC Provincial Music Festival.
Brayden Liu has participated in numerous masterclasses and has won several scholarships to support his studies. He is currently a grade 9 student in the SPARTS program of Vancouver Magee Secondary School.